The company Global Exact S.L. was created in response to the growing needs of the market. The company was founded in 2015 focusing on the mobility area and helping to design and implement strategies and objectives, optimize performance and increase profitability.

Through our consulting services, we analyze projects and assemble the services, according to your needs.

The Catalano-Polish Chamber of Science and Global Exact S.L have just signed the cooperation agreement.

The Faculty of Economy and Transport Engineering and Global Exact celebrate a year of cooperation.

B2B Advice. We offer our clients a comprehensive consultancy in foreign trade.

Digital transformation drives the integration of new business technologies, re-elaboration of products, processes and strategies. We offer customized website design services: corporate websites, portfolios, institutional websites, catalogs or online stores. We also offer social media strategies and the creation of viral contents. Web pages can be stored on a local computer or on a server remote web, we help you find a suitable hosting to meet your needs.