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Smart City

It is an emerging concept in relation to development policies, and with regard to various specialties and topics. Smart cities are smart not only in the way their governments use technology, but also in the way they control, analyze, plan and manage the city​. Modern cities, based on efficient and durable infrastructures for water, electricity, telecommunications, gas, transportation, emergency and security services, public facilities etc., must aim to improve the comfort of citizens. , being more and more efficient and providing new quality services, while respecting environmental aspects and prudent and declining use of non-renewable natural resources as much as possible.

Smart Port

The smart port concept was born a decade ago in Northern Europe, in Hamburg, and from there it has spread. In the last 10 years, the smart port concept has evolved in line with changes in the port environment and the global landscape. The concept was quickly accepted and with great interest in Barcelona, which was the first port in the Mediterranean to define its own smart port model.
Our commitment

Traffic Lights - smart solutions

We bet on innovative technologies, Its been a while we colaborate with Spinnea Led traffic lights produced in power led technology. We offer products that have European CE certification and are working in countries like Spain, Greece, Romania, Poland, Israel or Andora, in some countries that the climate requires the highest quality of products and electronic components that are used. Spinnea LEDs work up to 70% efficient, this guarantees a long resistance and therefore a very low error rate. The traffic lights meet all the requirements of the EN-PN 12368:2015 standard, which is confirmed by the CE certificate obtained by Spinnea.

Spinnea is a growing international company providing the range of safety lighting products, services and solutions. A young company, with a rich history and a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With short communication lines and a clear working method, the ideal partner for all your technical issues.

We established our relations with the Maritime Univeristy of Szczecin a few years ago. Together we elaborate in different ideas and work on new technologies which can provide better solutions such as menagement, productivity strategies among others.
New concepts in our reality such as smart city or smart port became a very important components for our buisness model. Effective management and solutions are the necesity for our authorities.